Arborfield, Barkham and District Branch

2017 Remembrance Day Parade

2017 Remembrance Day Parade at Arborfield Cross

The Royal British Legion complex in Eversley Road at Arborfield, houses 3 seperate establishments:

  • County Headquarters (Royal County of Berkshire and Vale of White Horse)
  • District Branch (Arborfield, Barkham and District)
  • Social Club (The Arborfield RBL Club)

  • This page provides information about the Arborfield and Barkham District Branch. To find out more about our roles, responsibilities and "who's who?", please select any of the headings below:

    For more information about County Headquarters, please click here

    For more information about the Social Club, please click here

    The primary roles of the Arborfield and Barkham District Branch are to raise funds locally for the "Poppy Appeal" each year and to organise the Remembrance Day Parade, held at Arborfield Cross.

    However, whilst the famous "Poppy Appeal" lasts for only a few weeks each year in the build-up to Remembrance Sunday, the work of fundraising continues throughout the year in preparation for the following year's collection. The Branch Committee work tirelessly organising several functions throughout the year, culminating in the "Poppy Dance", held each year in October to herald the launch of that year's formal "Poppy Appeal", whilst our "Poppy Appeal Organiser" arranges the provision, distribution and collection of the Poppy Appeal merchandise and containers within our District.

    In addition to this, the Branch can also assist members in need with welfare visits and, where possible will assist with the provision of a representative and a Standard Bearer at a member's funeral service.

    The current Branch Committee were elected at the Annual General Meeting, held at the Arborfield RBL Club, on Wednesday 22nd November 2017, and are as follows:

    Default Male
    Mr James Bell

    David McIntosh
    Mr David McIntosh

    John Cornish
    Mr John Cornish

    Trevor Bowman
    Maj Trevor Bowman TD

    Amy Empson
    Mrs Amy Empson

    Chris Hall
    Poppy Appeal Organiser
    Mr Chris Hall

    Lorna Cornish
    Membership Secretary
    Mrs Lorna Cornish

    Default Male
    Standard Bearer

    Default Male
    Committee Member

    Alice Davison
    Committee Member
    Ms Alice Davison

    Default Male
    Committee Member
    Mr Brian Salter

    Default Male
    Committee Member

    Remembrance Day Parade

    Remembrance Day Parade at Arborfield Cross